Thursday, December 13, 2012

Double dipping can be good... Kickstarter Beta Testing, anyone?

I did this figure to illustrate something that I want to do with the painting DVD's.

Many of you will notice that the color scheme on this former VASA faction miniature resembles a certain chapter of space marines.

Since we are not using any GW figures for our painting DVD's, I didn't want to leave people out in the wilderness who would ask us questions such as "How did you paint that Space Wolf", or "What did you use on that Blood Angel to make that red?"

Where possible, I will try to include figures such as this, where it would be possible for people to extrapolate this color scheme onto something like a Space Wolf.  The colors are all the same... it's simply where you put them that is a bit different! :-)

I am really trying to cover all the bases for the upcoming Kickstarter, which is why it has not gone up yet.  However, at some point on Friday (or the wee hours on Saturday) I will be submitting some kind of proposal to Kickstarter.  I will let you know as soon as I know if I get the OK from them!

I have been driving myself crazy in this attempt to cover all the bases... to make the perfect Kickstarter right out of the box.  I realize now that this is impossible, since there are far too many unknowns.  Besides, Kickstarters that you see now are very dynamic, with all sorts of updates and extras being added almost daily, if not hourly!

Another thing that has delayed me is the desire to do as much of the video work as possible before I even start this thing.  Again, that sort of runs contrary to the whole purpose!  Kickstarter is supposed to supply me with the tools that I need, not the other way around.

Still, you probably all know by now that I am super obsessive about preparation and training.  I don't want to have to wait until the end of January just to think about getting vital equipment.  It would be much better if I could secure some of it right away, or at least a "tide me over" version of it, so that I could be 100% ready to go when I have the funds to get the 'real' equipment.

This is a very long, rambling way for me to ask all you loyal Wappellians who are interested in this project if any of you would want to participate in a "Beta" version of the DVD's.  Since the earliest practical delivery date on the first DVD's would be in late April, I was wondering if some folks might want to get some earlier versions of certain titles.

The idea is to get enough equipment to put out some test DVD's that could be purchased by interested painters.  You would get to see the DVD's many months before the final ones are released, and your feedback would  help make those final 'end products' much better.

Those who would do this early contribution would get a complimentary final version when those are ready, plus some kind of "I'm a Loyal Wappelllian" or "Beta Wappellian" gift.

If something is going to have my name on it, I want it to be the best darn thing I can make.  Since film making is an entirely new thing for me, it is going to be an arduous quest to make sure the final product helps people as much as our in person classes have done..

So, Tomorrow I am going to try and do a post that will give contact information for me, although you can always reach me on facebook.. James Wappel.

Should you want to be a Beta Tester for this project, and help me blast through this initial wall, I will try to make it worth your while.  I was even thinking of putting early contributors names on the credits, or some kind of "special thanks".  Jon and Marty have already earned theirs!

I really want this to reach its potential.  Right now, I am getting a bit frustrated by these initial limitations.  Even now, I am starting at a half finished orc warboss from Raging Heroes that is the first video.  I shot the initial basecoating part, and now I have to do the rest of the shading, tinting, etc.
To turn him into something I can work with in terms of actual film, I need a few more items.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!!!!


  1. I have bought Miniature Mentor vids in the past based purely on the reputation of the people involved and the shiny models featured in promotional images and have thoroughly enjoyed them and learned some interesting stuff.

    I have to say James that, based upon the models I see showcased almost daily on this blog, I would be more than happy to back a Kickstarter campaign of yours and, further more, purchase tutorial vids in the future.

    I appreciate you wanting the Kickstarter pitch to be the best it can be but I wonder if you're underestimating the support you would have across the hobby community, and making unnecessary work for yourself?

    I'm watching this with a lot of interest. Best of luck.

    1. Many thanks! There is a degree of "everybody else can" syndrome for me. Over the years, I have always assumed that just because I can do something, certainly everyone else must be able to as well!

      People have told me over and over again that this is not the case. :-)

      There is so much information to convey, I just want to be sure I don't lose anyone along the way!

  2. I've been an avid reader of your blog since just after you started it.
    I have learnt a huge amount about about contrast, nmm, osl & how I can use colour, all from analysing your work.. & I am still always able to find something new & interesting!

    I am very excited about your upcoming kickstarter project & would like you to know that I would back it in a heartbeat.

    Additionally, while I know little about video per say, I would be honoured to help with any beta testing for this project.
    I am quality analyst by trade & would love a chance to be able to help you in return for all the inspiration your work has provided me with over the last year.

    1. In the past, all of my "how to" articles were limited to still pics and text, so the power of the video medium seems immensely powerful by comparison.

      I have learned so much with each of the test shots I have already done, it made me think how much more it could advance with other pairs of eyeballs on it as well!

      Many thanks! :-)

  3. I've very recently come across your blog, but already I have learned a lot from your regular posts and tutorials and am very excited to see more. I would potentially be interested in participating in this beta project - any guesstimate as to the cost of the dvds?

    1. I will be posting some information on that today. It is my hope that we could create a few levels of this Beta Testing thing, so that people could also get a "Beta Tester" t-shirt or something!

      Off the top of my head, I was thinking that $20 would get you a Beta DVD, and then a finished one of your choice for free once the 'real' ones are finished. Perhaps $30 is a DVD and a "Beta Tester" shirt, etc.

      Many Thanks! :-)

  4. Im Game.... I wanna see this come out!!

    1. Thanks! This Beta Testing thing is sounding more and more like a lot of fun. I keep forgetting how much people like seeing stuff created here on the blog. Now it's a chance to really participate.

      Of course, having an army of folks here to file mould lines and scrub resin parts of mould release would be even better... ;-)

    2. "having an army of folks here to file mould lines and scrub resin parts of mould release"

      I believe the words you are looking for are "Unpaid internship opportunity". Something else we exploit in the land o' television (insert maniacal corporate laughter here) o_0

  5. I messaged you on Facebook.

    I definitely want to help out in anyway I can and If I can see the tips and techniques playing out in front of me I will love it!

    Will there be a DVD on making bases? I want to try your apoxy sheet idea on my next few projects.

    1. Many thanks!!!

      In my DVD master plan, I already had nine DVD's concerning bases! :-)Probably a few more in there eventually...

  6. I met you at games Day Chicago, loved your tomb kings!!! I am very intrested in your kickstarter. I read your blog daily, sometimes I get confused by terms like shaded base coat and such, I think the idea of a video tutorial dvd is amazing!!! Would love to help in beta testing this!!!!

    1. Yes, I know that has happened to a number of people. I really think the DVD's will help people with those kinds of terms.

      My intention is not only to make DVD's on those techniques, but have a scrolling text line on each DVD that will say what type of technique I am using at the time, just so people make the association with those terms to what they are seeing.

      When that text pops up on the screen again in a subsequent DVD (painted bases, flesh, whatever), it will make a lot more sense.