Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ducks in a Row

I finally had a chance to take a series of group shots of some of the Red Box Games barbarian figures recently.

As I posted the individual figures, I continued to stress the value of painting the semi-translucent greenish tones into the skin colors.

This technique created an additional level of depth in those skin colors, without adding a lot of extra painting time.

Rather than paint endless layers of either opaque painting or glazes, this method of "back and forth" was invaluable.

Painting that semi-translucent color into what would normally be the shadow areas also smoothed out some rougher areas by default, saving even more time.

Looking back, I see that they really helped me find a whole new range of tones in browns, tans, and so on.

Even larger sets of group shots await, so stay tuned!

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