Saturday, October 3, 2015

More Tiny Tanks

I just realized that the finished images of the Somua s35.  It's Flames of War 1/100 scale.

It was an intriguing design, as it was a style of drive wheels that transitioned between the WWI type of treads to a more recognizable Second World War design.  The Matilda had a similar kind of 'guard' on the wheels, which was intended to control mud and dust dispersion. 

A large number of unusual vehicles which began the war were eventually weeded out, as the demands of new combat tactics were recognized.

Thanks to Rich for doing some of that spot research for me!

I look forward to exploring more of these unique early war vehicles, and playing out those campaigns in Western Europe, North Africa and the Levant!

Which begs the question... will these two sides be Allies, or Adversaries?


  1. they look nice. Wish I could do my Somuas and other french tanks that nice.

  2. Hehe... it was pretty crazy, because initially I thought I was painting Char Bis tanks. I thought something wasn't quite right, and then noticed it was another tank that I hadn't seen in the French section of the FoW site!

  3. Wow, nice French tank. I can't believe you did that without an airbrush. I'm looking forward to trying that on my Germans as I cannot afford an airbrush/compressor. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I am very glad that I don't use an airbrush, since the simple hairy sticks allow me to be far more mobile! :-)