Sunday, October 4, 2015

It's almost official! :-)

Well, it's almost that time.  I have been mentioning in recent weeks that Kings Hobbies and Games will be carrying a portion of the Painting Pyramid video series in their webstore.

That will be official on Monday, October 5th.  The focus will be mostly on the "core" videos, which covers the Shaded basecoat and glazing techniques.  In addition, a variety of Non-metallic techniques, freehand, and color theory videos are going to be available.

One of the color videos is called "Yellow Alert", and it is typical of the five which are offered.

As you can see, I explore the whole range of colors that fall under the term "yellow".

One of the reasons I made each color (reds, blues, greens, grays) was to help people with mixing colors, as opposed to searching for the right jar of paint.  If you know how to make certain colors, you will cut down on the number of paints that you need to buy, or haul around with you!!

I made these in response to all of the questions which I get so often on "How do you make your reds lighter without getting pink" and so on. :-)

Each video covers basic topics such as the paint, primer, brushes, and palette.  Also, every video begins with a version of the "Shaded Basecoat", and then moves on to the "glazing" stage.

When I reach one of these stages, you can see that all the colors which will be used are placed on the palette and discussed.

When necessary, I do little asides like this.  Every NMM and skin tone video has one of these 2D representations, so that it's easier for you to see what's going on.

The videos average a running time of 100 minutes.

I have a dozen half hour preview videos, including this one:

In addition to painting videos, I have a number of basing videos.  There are five on offer right now, but eventually that will expand (I did 12 of them total!)

Here's a link to this basing video preview:

The videos will be offered on USB drives (usb 3.0), and there are discounts for the purchase of multiple videos.  Putting them on USB drives allowed me to get the highest quality resolution, and it gives you a chance to load them onto as many devices as you want.  Not to mention that it is really easy to carry around!!!

So, come Monday, you will have a place to go to at all times for your corner of the Painting Pyramid!!

Don't forget, additional titles will be added over time.


  1. That's just really weird...

    My kids were out at a party, so I had a little quiet time to myself. I re-watched your Shaded Basecoat video (ended 5 mins ago) and decided I should finally get around to purchasing some more of your videos.

    When I start up my browser I see this in my blogger feed...

    Are you spying on me?

    1. You know that the green handle brushes are magic wands, right? :-)

  2. So glad i backed your KS! I have even been doing short vids using a combination of your techniques and Fernando Ruiz's to help a friend on CMON learn how to get table top quality minis done in short time frames :) I can honestly say you aren't just a great painter; you inspire others to help make painting as fearless and easy as you do!

    1. Thanks! It really does make me happy to hear that! It means a lot... because the teaching thing is a big deal in our family :-)

  3. If your supplier has the purchase by Credit Card and download digital content from their site then You will likely get several customers from my gaming friends down here in New Zealand.

    1. CoolMiniorNot carries download versions, but I can also make them available via Dropbox. He can get you in touch with me, and I can send you a link to a shared folder, etc. This would get you the discounted prices, which CMON doesn't offer.