Sunday, May 17, 2015

A girl and her 'pets'

You have already met Betty Wooster, so now it's time to meet her younger sister Lilly!

As you can see, she is just as High Society as Betty, and she really loves her 'pets'.  She also has a penchant for the medical profession, although her cures are certainly unorthodox!

She does not think that her laboratory pets should always stay confined, so the neighborhood around her lab tends to get somewhat infested.

As a very modern woman, she believes in high fashion and the "New Science".  This means that Lilly has a fascination for the work of Eiffel, Tessla, and even Carpathian.

She finds it all very glamorous.

This Reaper miniature was painted with the clear paints just like Betty.  The clear pigments almost have a 'glow' about them, but that is partially due to taking advantage of the transparency of the colors.

For example, the clear red was darkened with glazes of the purple clear, while it was lightened by a series of semi opaque lightened layers of the clear red mixed with a light flesh tone.

Mixing the clear paints with both the Secret Weapon washes and the Vallejo washes went well.  Those are more subdued colors, which made the high chroma clear paints a bit more toned down when needed!

Research is ongoing, so stay tuned!

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