Monday, May 18, 2015

Meet me at the Altar

Here's a combination of Mechanicum figures.  These were some of the toughest ones to handle of the entire army.

While the vehicles and the walkers were more complex in terms of weight, size and pieces, these presented one conundrum after another in terms of painting.

These had combinations of dainty parts, and hard choices about how much to try to paint prior to final assembly.

Some also had bulky parts, which made them more unbalanced.

I learned a great deal of technical things while working on this project... the use of the hair dryer to manipulate warped pieces, for instance.

I learned that I could prime and paint a piece that needed to be bent, and hitting it with the hair dryer would not compromise the paint at all.  Thus, I could bend the painted sections as needed, and simply attach them later!

This concludes another review and group shot set!!!  More to come!


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    1. I'm still glad that they are all done and out the door, however ;-)

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  3. Were you bending pieces because you couldn't reach certain areas to paint otherwise?

    By the sounds of it, you can simply manipulate the plastic with a layer of primer and paint, is this correct?

    Very cool stuff. Love your blog.

  4. I had to bend ammo feeds and tentacle arms after they were painted. The only way to do that without destroying the paint was to hit them with a hair dryer until they were soft, and then bend them into shape.