Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Jack of all trades...

Here is the Blackjack, the chosen Light support of Jesse James and the Outlaws.

This is more of an up close anti personell vehicle.  It has a few more lifeblood points than an Interceptor, but it also lacks the template firepower.  There's also a significantly higher cost involved (45 points more).

I wish that it also had better speed than an Interceptor.  Knowing that a Mercenary Buggy could also bring a few nasty characters across a template and sniper infested table makes me think that is a better choice as well.

The Dust Cutter proved to be a lot more versatile, and the extra 20 points were well worth the high movement, firepower and the ability to lay mines.  I'm trying to find some kind of niche for the Blackjack as it was fun to paint.
As you can see, it also looks kinda neat!

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