Friday, November 7, 2014

This definitely ain't no bull

Here's a few images of the whole Minotaur set!

We start things off with a neat trio...

Let's go Bulls!  Well, partly bulls.  The whole set of five for your viewing pleasure.

I had a lot of fun intermixing the greenish shades into the metals, which I wanted to use as a slight contrast to the warmer pinks of the skin tones.

The final very warm accents of the bone surfaces and leather straps were the final tidbits to unify all five together.

As you can see in these next few shots, I did try to get some variations in those skin tones.  

I went with the lighter skin tones on the two minotaurs which had less armor.  The three darker skin tones were used to make some value contrast against the lighter armor.

The rust on the armor was one more way to bring in a bit of the warmer colors into those sections.  I didn't want that to get too isolated.

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