Friday, November 7, 2014

Meet Cool Hand Luke

Today we meet Cool Hand Luke.  As cool under fire as a lizard in an icebox.

Anyway, this figure is left over from our days playing Deadlands, which is my favorite of all RPG games!  Loved that system (pre- D20, of course!).

We have started using these to add some flavor to the Wild West Exodus games.  Since the civilians running around on the table has made such an interesting impact on the games, we are trying to expand that with even more characters (essentially NPC's).

A few of them (like the Mysterious Stranger), are designed to hang out with the Lawmen, while some others have affinity for Rich's Wild Bunch Gang , or Jesse's Girls as I call them.

Here's Luke and the Mysterious Stranger.

Talk about a power couple!

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  1. You have an excellent taste in RPGs, sir! I used to own a copy of every single Deadlands book published.