Thursday, November 6, 2014

Something in the oven...

There's a ton of stuff baking in the oven right now, folks!  I can't even list all the various projects, experiments, and so much more.  Some are even secret.... :-)

No secrets in the kitchen for Chef Babo!

Here he is making some Cranberry Pecan muffins.

Very basic ingredients, as you can see.

All mixed together.  You can just feel the fiber!!!

Ready for baking, sprinkled with some melted butter.

Done!  Each one of these bad boys contains nearly 50% of your daily fiber requirement.  Yes indeed, a tasty way to keep any miniature painter regular.

Another job well done by Chef Babo.

Next up for him, some cheddar biscuits.  Those will be very welcome as the overnight lows drop into the teens later this week!!

Here's a few images of Reaper Bones minis.  This crew has already been joined by the Mysterious Stranger.  There are many more sitting on the table, as they are parts of other experiments.

I still marvel at what you can do with the BONES minis.  Those fire elementals will be part of another set of step by step images.

You will be seeing more of the Zombicide crew when I post the images of the Secret weapon construction cones and jersey barriers.

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