Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fire Sale!!! Black Friday arrives!!!

Here come the Outlaws, looking to create a fire sale of their own with the super nifty Flame Truck!

All kidding aside, Wild West Exodus has a smokin' hot 35 percent off everything in the webstore for  a massive 4 day sale.  There are a number of brand new items up for Pre-Order.

I had a lot of fun painting this vehicle.  All of the heavies like this are in minimal numbers of pieces, making them much easier to deal with than what you might normally find at this size.

I used some Secret Weapon dry pigments to finish off not only the weathering, but to feather out some edges, and even create some color variations in the brass, etc.  I have noticed that the pigments can be used for 'painting', and not just dirtying up something!!

I have more vehicles on the way, such as the Judgment heavy support, which will oppose this beast!

Fragility is also something that is not a concern for these models.  Very solid construction makes them practically unbreakable!

I will do another post showing some standard infantry sized WWX minis standing around this to give you an idea of scale.  The main weapon crew is the same size as an Iron Horse/Interceptor rider, so the scale matches up quite nicely!

So, be sure to visit the Wild West Exodus site over the weekend.  I know I will. :-)

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