Thursday, November 27, 2014


Well, it's that time... for cranberry sauce!!!  Sugar, raspberries, a pinch of curry powder.. and cranberries!  Poof.  Something you can put on just about anything.  Yum.

More yum from the new Outlaw heavy support, this time working on some glowing stuff and verdigris.

Also, working on the gun crewman before her gets attached...

The verdigris on the copper surfaces.  I wanted this to provide a slightly different color to the overall palette of the vehicle.

Uppy can barely contain his excitement as the cranberries pop!  Be careful, Uppy!

Some initial weathering effects were begun at this point as well.

As you saw in the concept art, some seriously heavy weathering is happening all over the Flame Truck. It fits the nature of the Outlaw's pattern of 'borrowing' things.

This would be many hours across innumerable surfaces on the truck.

One tiny portion mostly complete.  Once all these effects are done, and the vehicle is assembled, I will break out the powders to do some final touches.

I did manage to discover a new method for weathering!  It utilizes one of the Secret Weapon washes in a way I have never thought of before.

It was all very accidental.  I just thought I would give it a try, and it really worked out well!  I love experiments... especially when they work!

This is definitely something that I will work into the overall technique.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Hey dude, beautiful as ever.
    As I'm always getting tips from you on painting I thought I might return the favour. Try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a tiny (really) pinch of salt to your cranberries.
    The human mouth is able to detect a surprising amount of different taste sensations, ranging from sweet to oilyness, even metallic taste.

    Now allot of food scientists argue what the definition of a taste sensation is, but they do, however, all agree that the primary ones are sweet, salt and sour/citrus. Cranberries are high sugar, mid sour and low salt. A squeeze of lemon juice and tiny pinch of salt will help to bring out their natural flavours and enhance all the lovely work you have put into them. Try it with a small bit in a bowl to see if its your thing.

    I hope you find this of some use. Your cranberries look delicious, I just wanted to offer you some of my knowledge from my job, as you have kindly done for us.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Painting :)

    1. Cathy agrees with the lemon and salt! I will try that in the next batch, which might be tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The Outlaws "acquire" their equipment thru what is called, "alternate means". Happy Thanksgiving (Uppey too), and thanks for the painting help you provide us.