Saturday, October 11, 2014

Showdown in Wappelville

When we last left our intrepid Lawmen, they had set themselves up for a cleansing march through the streets of Wappelville.

Snipers had taken positions overlooking the objectives, and the Lawmen were shoulder to shoulder around Deputy Berenger.  There were objectives in a few of the buildings, one in the center, another under the water tower... and finally one in the outhouse.  Not sure what was in there, but it must have been important!

As always, you move the civilians first.  You never quite know what they are going to do.

The Outlaws move in strength to the objective in this building.  It would have quite a target on it... as blast weapons searched for something to hit.

Doc Holliday claimed an objective for himself.  Must have been a heck of a poker game going on in that building!

Speaking of blast weapons, Doc launched a template at the Outlaw mob, killing one and forcing another to head for the hills!

Deputy Berenger would continue to blast this building until it came crashing down... nothing more than a pile of timber.  This would make things more difficult for the advancing Outlaws.

Pat Garrett was victorious in a sniper duel, picking off the Outlaw on the water tower.  The Interceptor moved quickly, and downed a few more unwary Outlaws trying to sneak up on Doc.

The building was also set aflame!

Deputy Berenger and his Close Combat Hired hands took up a strong position facing the large Outlaw group.  They knew that the outhouse must be defended at all costs!

The Preacher's wife and Fido continued to roam through the center of town, seemingly oblivious to the carnage all around them!

Under all that lumber was an objective, forcing the Outlaws to keep some of their posse nearby.  This would make them vulnerable to those blasts!

Their proximity to the table edge would also be very unfortunate when those inevitable courage tests came along.

Deputy Berenger flattened a number of Outlaws, including the Bad Doctor Long Tree!  He decided he had enough, and left the field along with another Hired Hand.

The body count rises as the Lawmen Hired Hands charge the surviving Outlaws.

Billie the Kid would attempt to single handedly change the tide of battle in this area, using his Cold Blooded Killer skill to tear through the sacrificial Lawmen Hired Hands.

Meanwhile, the Interceptor and the Lawmen Hired Hands took out more Outlaws, setting up an open run at the water tower!

You can see the pile of bodies starting to rack up on the left and right sides of the board.

A few brave Lawmen held up Billie just long enough for the four barrel shotgun to arrive.  He would incinerate Billie with hot lead, leaving him severely wounded.

Miraculously, the Lawmen rolled a third consecutive ten for initiative, thus ensuring the firey death of Billie.  His ashes were then tossed down the hatch in the outhouse.

The rest of his posse was too dismayed at his fate to continue, so they high tailed it out of town!

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