Sunday, October 12, 2014

Malware attack!

Here we go!  The final member of the Wayward Eight.  Otherwise known as Marcus Wayward.  Or perhaps a certain captain that thinks he's good at swordplay.

His color scheme was pretty straightforward, for obvious reasons.  However, the compressed range of colors meant that I had to play with warmer and cooler variants on the brown shades.

Sometimes I would make the brown more reddish, yellow, or even green.

He's keeping a very watchful eye on Jake, who might be forced to make an unexpected stroll through space without a suit...


  1. Group picture? I like to see how the entire team looks together, perhaps with a vehicle where they all travel in :).
    I really like how the brown of the coat turned out.

    1. Group shots coming Monday :-) IN the meantime, you can see some of the vehicles they might travel in, pilot or even repair on the Wild West Exodus site. :-)