Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Burning of Wappelville

Well, it looks like Wild West Exodus minis are for more than just painting!  Heck... you can play games with them!  Wow, who would have thought...

This particular scrum was going to take place on some new terrain.  Brand new laser cut buildings from WWX, and a fold up board to extend the corners of the table, and make a more appropriate color.

Meemo was very excited about this, and grabbed a brush to help.

Rich was also very excited about his new Field Medic named Long Tree.  While he can potentially heal wounds, he might also give you a prostate exam when you really need a tourniquet instead.

He also has the potential to boost his lifeblood total past its starting value.  Exciting indeed!

You can see how the new board looks with all the new terrain!  The buildings and mesas matched even more closely than I thought they would.

The board is nothing more than 3 sheets of 1/4 inch pink foam cut to size.  They are hinged, so it folds up nice and small.

Another side benefit to this foam board meant that the dice would not bounce around as much as they had been.  That's important, since you need to use directional dice quite often.

Here's the Lawmen.  We did a 750 point game.

I decided to experiment with ten Close Combat Hired Hands.  This boosted my overall number of figures to 16, which was double what I had in the previous tussle.  Having ten on one type of Hired Hand meant that I was able to add a free light support in the form of a four barrel shotgun!

Leading the posse would be my brand new Pat Garrett Boss.

I wanted to take advantage of three things this time around.  Forward Eschelon, Gang actions, and Deputy Berenger's Blast shield ability.  This would prevent huge numbers of troops from getting knocked prone by blast weapons.  I tried to keep them within 6 inches on either side.

Here's the Outlaws, with a few new character combos of their own.

Lined up for the Advance!!!

This would be our first objective based game, with a limit of 8 turns.

There were 5 objectives, with a variety of point values.  One was worth three, two at 2 points each, and a pair of 1's.  This meant you would have to go for/deny as many as possible, just in case your opponent managed to find the valuable ones!  They would not be revealed until the end of the fight.

 As always, the Preacher, his Wife, and Fido started running around the center of town as the carnage loomed!

One of the Hired Hand Outlaw snipers scaled the water tower, on the lookout for Lawmen advancing towards that objective.

Pat Garrett climbed the tall mesa (with some effort), scanning the streets below.

The stage is set, the pieces are in place.  All that remains is to see how many new residents there will be on Boot Hill!!

Stay tuned!