Monday, August 11, 2014

Pillars of time

There have been in incredible amount of things to try and get ready for GenCon.  Doubt if all of that is going to happen, but at least I will try!

This set of bases is supposed to be for the new Holy Orders faction from Wild West Exodus, which they are unleashing at GenCon!

This is pretty standard Sculpey stuff here.  Cork on the bottom, a layer of baked Sculpey on top!

Trying out a few different designs...

I want to try to create a lectern on one of them.  I will be sculpting a big book to go there!

I also want to have some marble columns.  I rolled out some tubes of sculpey, so that I could carve and weather them as needed.

While the clay was still soft, I cut some lines into them to create sections in the columns.

These smaller pieces are going to be the bases for the columns.  I will carve them after the clay is baked.

A whole set!!!

Another big tile with lots of Sculpey for baking.  Most of this is for use at GenCon.

This was also my first time using the new over to bake sculpey.  It seems like it sent well!  It's way easier to see what the temperature is, that's for sure.

Wish me luck getting to GenCon!!!

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