Monday, August 11, 2014

Stalking around the dealer's room

I guess I will be doing quite a bit of that this weekend at GenCon.  It's going to be very busy for me!

To make sure that I had some files on hand for blog posts when we are in transit tomorrow, I snapped tons of images on the new Hangar 1 backdrops.  Once again, images that were not possible until now!

I loved this unit of Stalkers for my Tomb Kings.  They are heavily converted, as you can see.  The pillars match those on the display board.

The unit was designed to go in a very specific spot on the display board, right underneath a recently dug hole into the Tomb Complex.

There are some WIP images of the conversions here:

Then I had to see what they would look like on the brown backdrop.  I knew that the greens and blues would be showcased a great deal :-)

For those not familiar with the theme of the army, it is essentially a Tzeentch tainted Tomb Kings army.  There is an entire story written for the army, which can also be found in the Tomb Kings section.

The bases and movement tray are all sculpey, of course.  Once again, many WIP images showing how all of it was made.

The Hieroglphs around the edge say "Those who enter the Tomb Cities of Pseusenes shall suffer a fate worse than death."

A pity that they were so awful in combat.  Well... that's just about all of the Tomb Kings units.

Next up... Necro Knights!


  1. Every time I visit your blog, it's like visiting an art gallery. Your works are not just good, they are inspirational. Just to know such things are possible in such a tiny scale is humbling!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog!!