Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let's go raiding!

And to do that, we need a sweet ride!  We have one right here... sporting the Blood Star icon.

Of all the vehicles, I think I was looking forward to this one the most, as it had some of the best freehand opportunities.  

The large sail was obviously a perfect canvas.

Also, this has been the classic notion of a Dark Eldar army all along.  I could not wait to put my spin on this iconic vehicle!

It's not an easy thing to paint, that's for sure, as I had to paint a number of the parts before I could even think about putting it all together.  Some of them were deep interior pieces.

Getting the crew to be in just the right position was also more difficult than I expected.

There are certainly a number of things that could go horribly wrong with painting pieces first, but there was just no way I was getting my brush into some of those areas!

Front and back.  There are also a number of WIP images here, including all the work on the underside:

The next set of images will feature the guys who rode in this.  Kind of a surprise :-)


  1. Another beautiful model. The freehand work is stunning. It integrates very nicely, and blends into the sails and armor plates. I'd love to see this entire army on the table!

    1. Thanks! I didn't get much time with them during the tournament... usually all shot off the table by the first turn...