Saturday, July 5, 2014

Round Two gets some paint!

All right... time for some paint on the Wild West Exodus bases.

A bit of gray/black primer, brushes on as usual.

Just like the last batch, I did the sky blue/black color combo.

A gradual lightening takes place...

Just like the first batch, I am working up to the shading and tinting process...

Getting there.  I am trying to add as much 'warm' highlight colors as possible, to make sure it's not too heavy towards the blue.

Nearly ready for the glazing.  I have been using the #6 filbert the whole time, by the way.


I placed a few layers of glazing on the bases.  I started with more of a blue/black glaze, but then shifted more towards a brownish yellow.  This will ensure that the rust and weathering will not be too dramatic.  This is supposed to look more like the interior of Serenity, so not quite as exposed to the elements.

That is, until you have a herd of cattle in your cargo bay!!!  Yikes.

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  1. Does using the filbert brush help give you the nice smooth blending you have? I have issues with making a nice seamless blend when I paint.