Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Wild time with Happy Seppuku moulds

This new set of bases using the Happy Seppuku moulds will be used for the Firefly inspired miniatures from Wild West Exodus.  You might recognize the unique shape of these round bases!

As usual, the sculpey is pressed into the moulds, and then placed on the ceramic tiles for baking.

I wanted to try out a few with more of the plastic deck plating texture as well.

Building up the base, this time sculpey on sculpey!

This one will be set up for some plastic sprue as conduit and pipes.

Having the lines set into the texture like this makes it very easy to cut out the various sections, allowing me to place them in whatever combination I need!

I am going to combine the textures from a few moulds here...

And then add a little bit of polystyrene tubing.

Sprues!!  The little brown pieces had been leaking from one of my exercise weights for a while.  I didn't realize it until they were all over the basement floor!  

So, I swept up a bunch of them and 'repurposed' them for basing!  They are all different sizes, which turned out to be very handy.

Eight bases, ready for paint!

I will show the painting of this set soon!!!

Parallelogram was next to me while I was creating these bases, and stuck his face in front of the camera...

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