Saturday, July 19, 2014

Among other things...

Well, there's a million and one things going on here right now, but here are some pics I snapped the other day.  This is the caboose of the Siege Train from Wild West Exodus.

It's got a few turrets, which I wanted to pin so that they could turn in place.

Out came the pin vise, and I drilled away!

Then to glue the main guns in place... which means it's time for the "glue/green stuff/glue" option.

You put glue on each area that you are going to attach, and then put green stuff in between them.

The fills in any gaps, and forms a better attachment.  It also means that you don't have to sit there holding the parts together... waiting forever for them to stick :-)

Gun in place!

There's a bit more of the lighter blueish gray color on this part of the train, according to the concept art.

There's many ways you could make this color.  You could even mix a blue/white with a black.  In this case, I used a fun Reaper color... can't quite remember just now.

I marked the areas that are supposed to be brass as well.

Getting some lighter shades on the turrets...

Most of this was done with the filbert brush, shaded basecoat style.

The brass is also lightened.  As always, this will be shaded and tinted later with glazes!

Seeing what the turret looks like.

I also worked on the secondary armament for a bit.  Next up, some more glowing stuff and freehand!  Stay tuned.

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