Saturday, July 19, 2014

The constructs of Pseusenes

These are among my more eagerly awaited new photographs using the Hangar 18 backdrops... my scratch sculpted Tomb Kings constructs!

We start out with the Hierotitan.  I had a blast making this guy.  A tin foil armature, wrapped in layers of Apoxy sculpt, and finished with some green stuff details.

There are a number of WIP posts showing the process of building this guy, along with the painting.

Next up is the Colossus.  I used the same methods to sculpt him as well.

These are both quite large, when you consider that they are standing on 50mm bases!

Here they are on the large blue/white fade, along with one piece of the display board.  That obelisk tells the story of the first corruption of Pseusenes, followed by the second fall to the Tzeentch god.

One more on the 'regular' backdrop...

And now on the brown backdrop.  A very different look!

This is actually very similar to how they appear on the top level of the army board.

They are standing above the underground Temple Complex, guarding the entrance.

Hapless artifact looters dismiss them as statues, only to find the error of their ways in a very bloody fashion!

One more image of the big guys.  I think I will do the Necrosphinx and Warsphinx next...

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