Friday, July 18, 2014

From Inner Space to Outer Space.

I didn't think that I could find more spacescapes in the archive, but I did!

This one was called "Above the Clouds".

Into the Vortex.

Ice Fountains.  I had so much fun with the magentas!

Cave of the Winds.  This one had a very different color palette for me.  I was trying to play out the various gasses and how they are illuminated, forming these unusual, but specific, sets of colors.

A Distant Shore.  Combining my old love of landscapes with galaxies!

Best Seat in the House.  A rogue planet, and a cosmic perspective.


  1. As an amateur painter and astronomer I simply love your paintings. Breathtaking pieces of art!!

    1. Thanks! It was always exciting to hunt through my Astronomy magazines for new discoveries!