Friday, May 23, 2014

Tiny terrain for tiny guys

War has returned!  Little war, that is, as we make the terrain tiles for Memoir '44.  As you have seen from previous posts, we did the standard terrain tiles.  

It did not take long to realize that we would need to make terrain specific tiles as well, since we had to lift up the hexes with the units on them to see what the actual terrain was!

Primarily, we would need Forests, Hills, Towns, and Hedgerows. 

Using some leftover pink foam from my previous projects, I made quick ruined wall to indicate a town.  I had to make sure to leave enough room for the unit, and to place a set of sandbags!

It was similar for the hills.  I have a lot of cork around, so I figured this would be the quickest method.

Some shots of the terrain pieces painted and flocked!

Oh yeah, and I painted the G.I.'s as well :-)

I really loved the ruined building terrain piece!

For as tiny as these guys are (you could nearly fit all 4 of them on a quarter!), there is so much fun detail.

This is what one of the 'standard' tiles looks like with paint and flock.

The forest tiles will be the same as these, with some trees on them.

A quick view of the three tiles I was working on.  Stay tuned for much more!!!


  1. Superb, and very inspirational.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! These little guys really do present a whole new array of challenges!