Saturday, May 24, 2014

A small collection

Every so often, I like to take some group shots of 'unrelated' miniatures.  In this case, it is almost entirely Reaper minis.

It's fun to see the color variety, and the different sculpting styles.

That is something that you don't often see within one miniature line these days... some variation between sculptors!

It's very cool to see the differences between these three... the way the faces are sculpted alone is fascinating. 

They all have a lot of dynamism to the poses.

These really cover the full gamut of colors... greens, yellows, blues, browns and reds.

Even the bases are fun to compare.

I especially wanted to see these, since they are all gone now... I will miss them!

Another group shot!

I hope you guys didn't mind seeing this latest 'mini' collection! :-)


  1. Who is the babe with the scythe.

    I need her in my life.

    1. That is a Reaper sculpt by Patrick Keith. It's very cool!