Friday, May 23, 2014

Setting up barriers

Another great product from Secret Weapon.  This time it is the damaged Jersey Barriers set.

You get these six pieces, which look really cool, and cover a lot of ground, as you will see later!

Remember, you don't have to wash these, since the mould release is not going to repel your primer or paint.

Speaking of paint...

Lots of fun opportunities here.  You could even have some graffiti sprayed onto them!

Look... they can even keep out a horde of zombies!!

Disco Stu and Ranger Rick are counting on the barriers so they can hold out a little longer.

Still holding!

Disco Stu takes them out one by one...

Oh no!  The brain eaters have gotten through!  It's looking bad for Stu...


  1. Disco Stu says "Al-right!"

  2. Very nice, I may have to get an order in for some of those!

    1. There was basically no prepping for these!