Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The reclamation continues

There was much work to be done on the Legion of Everblight warbeasts.

The cooling lava effect was entering its closing stages.

However, before the final dark colors were added to the lava, I wanted to establish the blue colors of the skin.

The idea was fire and ice, so now comes the 'ice' part.

These blues would be very intense, high chroma.  They would also be relatively light.

It was not exactly easy to work around the lava bits, but I still used my trusty filbert brush to create some increasingly light colors on the upper muscles.

We were working very very rapidly here.  The idea was to establish a general sense of the colors, not worrying about very detailed stuff.

Once we felt that the blues were mostly where we wanted, I went back to the lava... adding even more blue and black to the mix.  I also decided that the bottom jaw also needed to be dark, so that the lighting effect in the mouths would look better.

Constant adjustments indeed!  Now it was time for the other warbeast... and getting around those lava effects would be a real beast!

Once I had gotten around all the the lava effects, it was time to try and lighten up certain points.

Again, a big challenge.  But it was nice to see things begin to come together!

One of the main reasons I held off on the darkest lava color here was the knowledge that I was going to accidentally hit the carapace over and over, especially on the tips.

Now the darks are added, and the hot looks that much hotter!

There will still be 2-4 more steps on the lava effects, but it is coming along!

Side by side, the two big dudes!!

Now the new theme and colors of the entire army have been set.  Sometimes, that is the biggest challenge of any army.

The next time I get over to Joe's house, we will start working on these guys again... stay tuned!


  1. Great looking.
    So James, are your videos going to be available for sale via warstore? I missed the kickstarter and i keep waiting for some way to get them...

    1. No, they would be available directly from me for the time being. Eventually, they will be available from places like Reaper miniatures, Secret Weapon, and so on...