Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Between the hedges

No, this is not about Bulldogs football!

It's about the roughest, toughest terrain in all of Memoir '44... hedgerows!

Those buggers are nasty on so many levels.  To make them was not so easy, either. To leave enough room for the 4 figures that need to fit inside, and leave room for sandbags around the edge of the hex, is not easy at all.  

To create a wall to glue some foliage, I cut up some left over matboard.  This would be thin enough, but also strong.  I super glued it, and supported it with some gravel around the edge.

Once all this set up, I had to to paint all the walls and gravel.

First layers applied.  I assumed that I was going to have to paint the walls a variety of green shades, since the foliage would never cover 100%.

I thought it would make things easier if I glued some flock first.  My only concern was the possibility that the subsequent layers of glue would not stick as well to the flock.

Those fears proved to be unfounded.  The two types of clumping foliage worked very well!  However, I had to break it down into some very tiny clumps.  As usual, I super glued a lot  of it to my fingers!

That reminded me of the days when I used to do dioramas all the time that involved the foliage.

I finished off the rest of the base with more foliage, including on the soldiers.  I was liking the results a lot!

Now those guys are in some serious cover!  -2 dice for tanks shooting at them for sure :-)

Much more terrain needed to be made, including some more city tiles.

It takes at least 4-5 of each terrain type to get through a typical Western Front scenario.

So, that means lots more to do!  Stay tuned.


  1. Those hedgerows look great. That's not the easiest of looks to get across,and yours came out great!

    1. Thanks! It did take a lot of research, and some serious pre planning :-)

  2. Briliiant work mate! They really come to live

    1. Much appreciated! Many more different types of terrain to come!

  3. I am going to use your ideas for the Fantasy version of this game. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. That sounds fantastic! I think you will have a lot of fun, and create something very interesting!