Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Reclamation Project, Part One

I think we all run across that time where a miniature (or even an army) does not quite work out according to the original plan.  Sometimes it just turns against us!

Usually, people either toss the stuff in a vat of Simple Green, or set it aside and leave it there for quite some time.  It does not have to be this way!

While at Screaming Heretic Con '14 this weekend, Joe had such a situation with his Legion of Everblight.  A very cool (and hot) plan, that went a little sideways.

When I asked him what his next step would be, stripping the paint off was the declaration.

Instead, we would work with what was already there.  We began by adding some black lava to the bases, to create a certain effect we would be doing once the figures were reclaimed.

We did a test to see how it might work...

The black lava was applied... and while it dried, I started reworking the colors on the figure.

He wanted the carapace to look as if it was cooling lava, which I thought would be very fun!!!

The first layers would be super hot flaming lava colors, utilizing the Vallejo fluorescent paints.

I took a beat up craft brush, and started jamming that light color down into all the crevices. 

It took a little while to do that to all three of them!

Once that was complete, some of the fluorescent orange was added, going over the top of the lightest yellow.

Again, doing this on all three absorbed a lot of time.

At this point, I was even starting to add in a tiny bit of reddish brown.  You can see the difference already!

Then it had to be done to all the figures...

Even more of the reddish brown is applied, and you can really see in this comparison shot.

I began to add a dark blue-gray to the mix, which is where the whole "cooling lava" effect will stem from.

Both warbeasts getting cooler and cooler!

Then on to all three.  Once we had this effect mostly set, it would be time to move on to the skin tones.  An even bigger challenge!!!  Stay Tuned!!!


  1. Very excellent job James, I might have to emulate that on some of my stuff. Will you be finishing up these Legion baddies?

    1. Glad you liked those! The next post is coming up later tonight, or early tomorrow, depending how you see it. There will still be more to do, but they are not actually my own minis :-)

  2. On this installment of James Wappel's pimp my miniatures .....

  3. As a Legion player, I am watching with great interest. this looks incredible so far!

    when the time finally comes to paint my Archangel I will definitely have to find some of these fluorescents. Very cool stuff.

    1. Thanks! I think you will have a lot of fun with those!!