Sunday, April 27, 2014

'Dem Bones

During my stay in the main hall, I decided to work on the Fire Giantess as an example for all three classes.  The hope was that the students could watch me paint it here and there in the main hall and see the practical application of what we would be doing.

First up was the basing.  I wanted to incorporate some bark that had been generously given to me earlier that day.

Bark on cork.  I loved the textures that it offered on the top surfaces if the rocks!

Good old Oxide Paste!  It helped to hold in all of the tree bark, and fill in any gaps.

Lunch was provided every day, which was a big help.  It was not too heavy, but with enough oomph to get you through an afternoon class!  Babo approved, especially the cookie.

On the base, and now primed.  I then primed the additional miniatures for the Shaded basecoat class so it could dry.

The first layers of fluorescent paint.  This was something that got the attention of a lot of people in the main hall, as I had hoped.  By demonstrating a practical example using the paints, it was easier to convince the viewers that these paints could indeed fulfill that role nicely!

A few more layers...

Babo also lent a hand after eating the cookie.

Priming the additional Karungs...

Babo drew a WANTED sign for cookie theft!


  1. Seems like you're having a great time! What kind of event is this?

    1. It is a convention put on by Reaper Miniatures. Lots of miniature painting is emphasized.