Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reapercon adventure and the Knights of the Round Table

So, early Wednesday morning, the adventure began.  Rich was kind enough to drive me over to the airport early in the morning, which was a massive help!

Looking down at Wappelville during the vertical takeoff required by all planes at Midway :-)

A stowaway seems to have found their way on board!  IceBatMan!

In the main ballroom.  Dealer's area, announcement stage, and a huge area for people to set up their paints and so on.  Power was supplied to each of the tables so that lights could be used.  A lot of work to get that all up an running.

There was a Murder's Row of staff and instructors set up along the wall, so that people could come up and ask questions, etc.

Babo quickly took charge, and set up the bases on the table.  I have spent many hours working down in this room all weekend.

One of the Shaded Basecoat classes.  As always, fear, shock and horror reigns supreme at the start.  Quickly, however, the victims (aka students), begin to adapt and seize onto the concept.  Eventually, they incorporate the process into their own painting collective.

Each of the 12 painters who participated in the two classes created new and interesting color combinations as we worked on "paint flow charts" on the palettes.  This was quite the opposite of everything they had been accustomed to, so it was wild to see the process of transformation take place in about 90 minutes!

Each person did a different flesh tone, and treated other areas of the mini in ways I would never have thought of, which was fantastic!

Typically, you learn as much from the people taking the class as they learn from you.  This was certainly the case in all three classes so far.  Just one more to go!
A big thank you to all who took part in the shocking Madness!!!

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