Monday, April 28, 2014

A wee spot of paint at the con...

Here are some more pictures of the Fire Giantess that I was painting off and on in the Main Hall.

When I could, I tried to slap on some paint, and then start bending the parts to see if any of the paint would flake off. :-)  Tried it dozens of times, and the paint is still there!

There are definitely certain uses for the Bones line.  I could toss this thing in a box with all the other painted Bones figures with nary a care in the world.  The base was the most vulnerable thing on the whole mini!
Yes, swords and spears can end up a little bent or bendy, but indestructible is a rare expression for a miniature in this land of eternal resin :-)


  1. Them bones are awsome. Several hundreds are coming our way in December (from the kickstarter) The paintjob on the Fire Giantess is stunning. My wife and I can't wait 'to slap' some paint on our (future) bones :-)

    1. Thanks! You will have tons of fun. It is very liberating to paint those :-)

  2. That giant is bloody great. Also, you been Liebstered, son.