Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This will be sooooo much fun!

OK!  More anticipation from Raging Heroes.  If brushes could drool, they would over these minis!  This will be amazing.  Knowing in advance that I won't have to fight the details on these just makes it better.

All too often, I have had to figure out what the heck I am trying to paint on a miniature.  A detail on it is poorly sculpted (or ends up in an attachment joint or mould joint), leading to painting misery.

It's not as if the entire figure is awful to paint, but you wonder where the lips or eyes actually begin or end, etc.  Never had that happen with a Raging Heroes face.  That's why I chose them for all the skin tone videos, since the faces could be sen much more easily.

They also have some seriously fun poses!  Very dynamic!

Need artillery pieces?  Here's some mobile firepower.

Need mascots?  They got 'em.  Someone to keep Walter and Charlie company!