Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Testing... testing...

Some of you might recognize this Reaper Yvonne from the Sky Earth Painting Pyramid video.

Long before the Kickstarter ever went online, we spent many weeks figuring out which subjects to cover, which set they should be a part of, and so on.

When it came to the videos (and the color theory episodes in particular), I tried to base the demand by the most frequently asked questions that I received.  I counted comments and questions on the blog, in person, on facebook, etc.

One of the subjects I wanted to save for 'Post Kickstarter' was painting white.  This was a test figure to see how viable that was, and which miniature would work out best.  Of all the colors I wanted to cover, this has the most subtleties.  While it is not reflective like metal, it is still very much affected by its environment.

Yes, there was a lot of work that went on way behind the scenes :-)  A number of figures were prepped and never painted, prepped and partially painted, and even those taken to completion.

Sometimes I felt like the figure was not quite right, or that there was not enough or too much information to convey on a certain topic.  While I wanted some synergy between episodes, I didn't want to go overboard on crossover!

She is also here:


  1. Another beautiful paint job. Your work continues to be nothing short of marvellous.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Much bowing in your direction...

  2. Great work. I wasn't aware of the Kickstarter at the time, but I'll be watching to pick up the videos when they're available to the public.

    1. You can follow the news here. I also have been posting half hour previews on YouTube. I will be doing some blog posts soon to direct more people to them...