Saturday, November 30, 2013

Riding high

This particular set was very fun in terms of the bases.  They were designed to match a very specific section of the display board.  I love doing stuff like that!

Oh yeah, and the bikes were fun to paint as well.

These bikes were a crucible where I tested out all kinds of new techniques and materials for the Bloody Mess instructional video.  I learned so much, since there were 16 of these bikes to deal with!

This view shows you the pattern that I was able to develop for every miniature in the army.

As I have mentioned before, this was the first time any of my armies had a completely unified theme across the board.  Normally, I have lots of variety to distinguish units from each other.

Full speed ahead!!!


  1. Nice work. It must take you quite some time when you need to get them to match the display board. You have a lot of patience and skill.

    1. It's all designed at the same time, so that makes it a little bit easier! :-)