Friday, November 29, 2013

Flying Circus, part one

Welcome to Asharah's flying circus!

I am doing a bunch of new group shots of the Reaver Jetbikes.  This represents 25% of the 16 jetbikes that I converted and painted.  Yeah, call me crazy.

Each bike was converted in some way.  There were a few that had very elaborate work done to them.  Fortunately there are lots of extra parts in those kits!

My favorite thing to do was the adding of extra wings.  Since the whole point of them was the bladevanes, I thought that would add to the story.  It also provided a way to repeat the same freehand design that you saw on the entire army.

I also tried to designate various bikers with special weapons by the amount of wings.  For instance, Arena champions and those bikes armed with cluster caltops.

Of course, the basing was highly specialized, and a big part of the story as well.  If you check out some of the images of the army on the display board, that will all make sense.  I also have the story of the army in the Dark Eldar section of the blog.

Much more to come!!!

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