Friday, August 2, 2013

Trolls on the internet

Now these are internet Trolls you can love. :-)  It was time for some Orc & Goblin flesh tones, and it seemed like this classic Troll from Reaper would do the trick.

I did a little color theory on a piece of sculpey to set the mood...

And made all sorts of interesting flesh tones.

The glazing stage was particularly fun here!

I mixed lots of those glazes with regular paint.

And ended up with a second troll!

Side by side...

This arrived earlier this week.  What could it be?

YES!  As many bottles of the Army Painter Anti Shine matte varnish as I could get my hands on.  While I have used at least 5 other types of brush on sealer, this one is by far the best.

When you apply all the other makes and brands, it has the look of Elmer's glue.  It's the semi- transparent white glue effect.  However, with this product, it is crystal clear from the start.  That makes a huge difference in the end.  It not only makes the darker colors come alive, but even the mid tones and lights as well!

Since it is so clear when you apply it, you have an easier time seeing what you have done, and you can apply second and third coats on those vulnerable areas more rapidly.

This also seems to work better with large brushes on vehicles.  The other glaze mediums get wonky on big, open surfaces.


  1. I'm VERY intrigued by your opinion on the matt varnish. I've tried numerous brands, settling on Daler Ronwney brush on matt varnish, but it still doesn't give a truly matt finish. I use gloss first and then matt, but it take 2 or three coats of matt to quieten the gloss. The army painter matt seems worth a shot.

    Also, great trolls! Your work is amongst my favourite on the interwebz.

    1. Many thanks! In fact, this may have been the first figure that I experimented with the Army painter varnish all those weeks ago!

  2. I love this troll miniature and your paint job is great!

    Am I right in thinking that you have warm and cool colors on this fig? The body looks warm and the hands look cool. If so, why? :)

    Is it because you liked the way it looks or are you trying lead the eye? Just curious.

    I have been reading alot about colors lately and am curious at the use of warm/cool. And exactly what non-obvious colors are warmer or cooler (blues).


    1. It's definitely about some of the things you mentioned. The whole idea is to make that flesh tone more interesting, instead of just one solid mass of the same type of green.

      Warm and cool colors are also used to make things 'come forward' and recede, helping to create that "center of interest"...