Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mantis Warriors

Using some more fantastic minis from Raging Heroes!  These Demonettes are Mantis Warriors.  Quite dangerous...

I had fun with this filming session, since there were some markings to put on the flesh!

Looks like it's time to start glazing.  This time I used some new colors from Secret Weapon  The Ruby is especially fantastic!  I see myself using that like crazy in the future.  The Amethyst was also very handy.

Those washes mixed in very nicely with 'regular' paint.  It is hard to explain here, but I suppose the film might help in that regard.

Yes, another sketch!  It helped show how the spots were done.

Speaking of spots...

Spots applied!

Then she can join her sister.

I just wish I had time to paint up the rest of the waiting figs to make the whole unit!