Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dark Druichii

I had some fun with darker flesh colors when I shot this.  This time, I was using one of the Raging Heroes Fantasy Blood Vestals to create a Drow flesh tone.

The plan is to make a darker flesh tone that has some exotic color elements... a little purple, a little grey, but still with a touch of warmer shades.

Here's the basecoat.

Getting ready for glazing and tinting!

This time a combo of Secret Weapon washes and GW shades.

Shading darker...

And darker.

With that complete, it's time for working in more details.

I actually needed to bake more sheets of sculpey so I could keep doing these 'sketches' on the side.


This set of colors led me to the Mantis warrior, also from Raging Heroes.

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