Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've got my eye on you...

Here are a few shots of the classic Dark Elf flesh tone video.  It's another one of the Raging Heroes Fantasy Blood Vestals.  Those are truly fantastic minis!

Time for some shaded basecoat!

I see Secret Weapon washes on the palette... that can only mean one thing :-)

Glazing just about finished!!!

Getting down to the wire...

Then some final details.

I did another 'sketch' on the side to illustrate a few things.  These have been props on lots of the videos...

A closer look.  This helped to explain some of the principles of how I did the eyes.  While there is nowhere near this much going on with the figure, I thought it would be very helpful to have this as a reference guide for future projects.

Side by side.


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