Friday, August 2, 2013

A place to stay...

For the longest time, the Orc Warboss that I made for the Shaded Basecoat video didn't have a base to stand on.  It required a very specific size due to the stance, and I knew that I would be making something appropriate in the Blasted Concrete video.

Sure enough, that base was just the trick!  All I had to do was paint that up!

Here are the first layers (speaking of Shaded basecoat!), which were a variety of lighter greys.

I continued to work lighter, trying to vary the tones between greenish and more brownish.

Out come the washes!  The usual suspects... concrete, armor wash, dark sepia, heavy body black, and so on.

Washes and glazes applied.

Then some finishing details.  I did some lighter touches on the exposed bricks, painted in some additional cracks, and so on.

I will shoot some images of the finished mini on a base for you this weekend!

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