Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Undead Samurai from Darkhammer.

Here is something new... a large scale resin figure from Darkhammer.  The base is about 80mm, which should give you a good idea of size.  It is a very high quality casting, with absolutely no air bubbles or silly defects!  Yea!

It comes in some nice packaging:

This really keeps the pieces intact...

This shows the pieces in the plastic wrap that keeps them organized.

The parts after some cleaning:

And the assembled warrior.  The pieces fit together very very well.  I will not have to do very much to cover those edges!  It was easy to figure out what went where, as there are a number of pins and holes for each piece.

I did replace a few of the staffs with metal rods.  They matched the size of the original nicely.  The rods on the figure were just thick enough to get the drill bit through the critical areas!

I will take more images as I work on this.  The base is next!

Here is the website:


  1. I love that one. I missed out on the large scale dark elf lady they were selling initially :( Can't wait to see how you bring him to life, uh.. death!

    1. I didn't even know about the Dark elf! I am really looking forward to the new monstrosity they are working on!