Saturday, August 3, 2013

Here's lookin' at you, kid.

Time to show a little more skin.  A Raging Heroes Sci Fi Blood Vestal on the menu.  It's the same as the Vestals I used for the Dark Eldar army at Adepticon.

Setting out the glazes.  It was pretty wild to be painting this in such a different color scheme!

These side exercises are always so much fun!

Don't look now!

Using the same colors as the mini to create the huge sketch (at least by comparison!) is fun as well.

Almost there!

Sisters again!

Many thanks to the good folks at Raging Heroes for allowing me to use such fantastic minis!

Don't run away...


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  2. I have nipples Greg do you want to try and Milk me? :p
    I love your sketches,when does your videos go on general sale?
    I missed out of the Kickstarter but would love a few of the basing videos.

    1. The plan is to have videos available to the general public sometime in October...