Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What do you do with those resin sprues?

I know that a lot of people already do this, but over the last few years I have had a lot of fun (and satisfaction) using leftover resin sprues for basing!

They come in all shapes and sizes, and since almost everything I have to work on these days is resin, why not get some use out of all that?  I think these sprues are from 4-5 different manufacturers...

While you can do something very similar with sculpey, the resin pieces are super strong.  I used them to support some Reaver jetbikes in my Dark Eldar army, as well as on some of my 40k terrain.

It does not take a lot of extra work to get the sprues in a condition for basing.  I included some of this in the 'Blasted Concrete' video, since I am sure a lot of you have (or had) this stuff sitting around.

Once it's all painted up, it looks quite nifty!!


  1. Very nice. I actually have an old hand cranked sausage grinder I got at a garage sale that I feed plastic and resin sprue through to make urban rubble by the cup. Needs a lot of sugar, but looks great on bases O_o

    1. That sounds very cool!! What's extra neat is that your method probably churns out very randomly sized chunks. We humans tend to cut everything into even slices, or specific patterns.

      And you can say that you are a conservationist!

    2. Yeah, plus now that i have my own my wife has stopped complaining about finding bits of sprue in her hamburger - JOKING! ONLY JOKING! Don't ever use the one for plastic or resin for food.

    3. But they stay crunchy in milk!!!