Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Never a can of RAID when you need one...

A while back I finished off the base for the Spider Queen, and the 3 brood swarms as well.  As you know, I used the Reaper Bones plastics for those swarms.

They were just the trick, fitting reasonably well on the required 40mm bases.

It will be very fun to pop these guys up in some much needed areas.  Perhaps to keep a standard bearer occupied of out of position, or prevent a response or counterattack once I have charged.

It could also be a handy way to get at spearmen and negate that support.

Working with the Shadow Lord on the Fell Beast, I should be able to protect these guys pretty well from shooting, at least enough to deliver them to the point of attack.  Besides, with the ability to move through terrain unimpeded, the giant spiders will be able to pop out of forests or other safe zones.

It would be hilarious to see the queen and her broods wipe out some archers lodged in a structure... all thinking they are nice and safe :-)

I will shoot some images of all the spiders together... right now there are half a dozen giant spiders in addition to these guys!


  1. Super nice work. The osl on the queen is excellent.

    1. Thanks! I kind of lucked into that figure. It was just what I needed for the Spider Queen!