Friday, July 19, 2013

First set of finished images

OK folks!  Here is a huge collection of images that I shot of the completed weathering.

I am also working on all the additional weapons that come with this Secret Weapon Miniatures tank.

Once I have all those, I will post the images of the plasma cannon, multilaser, heavy flamer, and so on...

This is by far the most weathering I have ever done on a vehicle.  I did more than I normally would so that I could show more in the weathering video.

It's very late right now, and I am very exhausted, so I think the rest of the way I will just let the images do the talking!


  1. Amazing work dude, that looks incredible. My 6x6 APC is still unpainted, you may have inspired me to finish it!

    1. It will be well worth the effort! Very cool to paint!