Thursday, July 18, 2013

The week of basing... more images

Every so often during the filming of the various basing videos, I snapped a shot here and there.  With so much set up and take down in each video, there were plenty of chances to do so.

That is very unlike the 'regular' painting videos, which have nowhere near this activity.  For instance, just showing how to make one element of the wood planks video required 9 different set ups and take downs.  

It was similar for the chests.  Each time a new element was worked on, it meant setting up a new set of materials and tools.

In contrast, a painting video involves far fewer set ups.  You talk about paints, then about brushes, and commence with the painting!

You can see in this image how much 'stuff' is set up just for a segment that could be a short as 3-4 minutes.

Originally, I was not going to have miniatures included in the basing videos.  However, it seemed important to include a few words about how they will work with actual minis on them :-)

Along the way, I have discovered some other pieces from past projects that show a 'mega' version of the type of base I am featuring.  It was fun to include those!

I will post some closer images of these Lizardman pieces, which were originally designed as movement trays.

Once I began using magnetized trays, these were no longer practical.

At this point, I will embed them in future terrain pieces.


  1. Replies
    1. The videos are for the tutorial DVDs James is making, they got funded via a Kickstarter and once all those who have pledged have received their DVDs they'll go up for regular sale.
      Here's the Kickstarter:

    2. Thanks for posting that! I am hoping that by October, the set of videos would be available to the general public.

  2. Hey James,

    You could always embed metal plates or mgnets underneath and still use them for movement trays ;)

    Andrew (Sharaak).

  3. James when are the Painting Pyramid Vids going to be available for sale and if they are how can I get them. I am looking on your site and dont see alink. I know I asked this months ago but you were still working on them. Just wondering if there is any news now on where to get them?