Sunday, June 23, 2013

The 'big' invasion continues...

It seems as if this week is all about the big guys!  Big birds, giants, and lots of Nurgly demon princes.

Along with all the other big resin kits, I prepared this Plague Demon from Ultraforge.  Here are the parts...

It was pretty straightforward to assemble, just like every Ultraforge kit has been.  I did need to do a bit of green stuff work on a few sections, especially where the torso met the legs.

The head fit very nicely...

You have the option of putting wings on him, or placing these over those wing joints.

This shows you the joints prior to assembly.  I have done a lot of demons with wings, so I felt it was time to go wingless for a while. :-)

The arms and weapon fit together very nicely, which was a relief.  I have had trouble with that kind of joint with other miniature companies.  It seems like they never line up, and I end up having to cut the handle of whatever the weapon is to make it work.

Not necessary this time!

I added a few pustules around the waist joint to keep the textures a bit more consistent.

With the alternate pieces on the wing joints green stuffed, it was all ready for priming!!!

Raging Heroes kickstarter has unleashed a few new items.  I will love painting these!!!!!

The 'outdoor' faction of my hive city Imperial Guard will love this Lord Commissar...

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