Sunday, June 23, 2013

Look out below! The Great Osprey

The second of the Big Birds from CoolMiniorNot rises from its perch!

This one is even a little trickier than the owl on the markings, but a fun alternative to a typical eagle, which is why I did it this way.

I have a few "Birds of Prey" reference books, and the Osprey was featured prominently.  It also had several different species of eagles, many of which had similar markings to this guy (some varieties of African Eagles).

Yes, more repetition and tedium painting all the patterns, but it was time well spent :-)

Here he is with his buddy!  The Griffon pictures are coming tomorrow!!


  1. Beautiful Birds. Like the second one more, because of more contrast.

    1. Many thanks! Tonight I get to shoot an image of all three together, which I was not able to do when I painted the original versions for CMON!

  2. Awesome paintjob as always James!
    In the future i will order those models to my Wood Elf army.
    For now Im still fighting with my Tomb Kings ;)
    Keep painting James :)

    1. Thanks!!! I think that the Gamezone line of theirs has smaller warhawk riders as well. Those were nice.

      Man I wish I could do more stuff on my TK, but the videos have overtaken everything ;-)

    2. Yes - I have Gamezone warhawks on target too - beautiful models.
      Im always looking for best looking alternative figs.

      Haha Me too. I'm still painting 40 Crocodile games mummy archers.
      I hope you can find time for some more TK soon :)

    3. Green with envy! Love those War Gods figs!!