Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Who's" there?

Well, all three of the "Big Birds" are just about wrapped up.  Here is the first... the Snowy Owl from CoolMiniorNot!

I have to admit, I do enjoy these big birds.  The faces are especially fun to paint.

Yes, doing all the markings on the wings incredibly tedious, but it is worth it in the end :-)

I be tormenting you on the video with each little wing tip marking, since I almost went insane myself as I was painting it!

The base is a 50mm, in case people were wondering about size and scale.

The Griffon will be next, followed by the Great Osprey!


  1. What a hoot!

    Owl bet you had a great time painting him!

    Snow joke - he's terrific!

    "I'll be here until Thursday folks - don't forget to try the veal!"

  2. Great job ! The model is quite nice I have to say.
    The wings... all the feathers are great !

    I'm prepearing myself for painting Gwaihir from The Hobbit, do you have any specific technique for painting feathers ?
    I would be grateful for any advice ;)

    As it comes to the vids. Where and when will they be available to buy ?

    One more time great job ! :)

    1. Many thanks!

      If you look through the LOTR section, I did a step by step on painting an eagle for my Gwaihir... That one was fun!

  3. I'm speachless! How beautiful!